Line Displays

Operating & Monitoring

Line displays are used for the operation and monitoring of process parameters in machinery, plant and buildings.


TD 03 – Text Display

The compact Text Display TD 03 shows via a backlit LCD display defined message texts. Inputs and outputs, and process parameters can be set through the membrane keys and changed. The configuration of the messages and the parameter block is performed using the TD-Wizard from VIPA. The menu can be selected in English and German. The text display is designed for use in combination with VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 31x, 51x and the S7-300/400 CPUs designed by Siemens.


OP 03 – Operator Panel

The operator Panel OP 03 is particularly suitable for operating and monitoring of small applications in conjunction with VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 31x, 51x and Siemens S7-300/400 CPUs. Up to seven OPs can be connected to a CPU and up 2 CPUs to an OP 03 via the MPI interface. For managing and processing operating notifications and data, 256 kByte user memory is available. Project planning is carried out with VIPA OP-Manager or Siemens ProTool.


CC 03 – Commander Compact

In the Commander Compact CC 03 a PLC CPU, programmable with Siemens STEP7, is integrated. Besides the 128 kByte user memory, the CPU has 16/24/32 kByte program and 24/32/40 kByte load memory (depending on the version). In addition, 16 digital inputs and outputs each are integrated. The CC 03 is expandable with up to four 100V or 200V modules (160 digital inputs/outputs, or up to 32 analog inputs/outputs respectively are supported).




  • Backlit LC-Display
  • Parameterization capable function keys
  • MPI-interface
  • Multilingual Language Support
  • Operation and project planning friendly
  • LED-status indicator (CC 03)
  • Compact design