MotionWorks IEC

IEC-based Motion Programming

Easy for You, consistent for Everyone

Today‘s customers need to keep a finger on the pulse of their machines at all times. Success means maintaining peak productivity, total reliability and endless freedom to interact with the systems they control. With easy-to-learn MotionWorks IEC software, your engineers start programming faster and stay connected more easily. The result? Faster machine commissioning and more rapid machine delivery to market.

IEC-based Motion Programming

Only a few programming languages provide an environment for simply coding all of the functionality of a modern automated machinery. MotionWorks® IEC encourages the programmer to take advantage of the best of several programming languages within one development package.

MotionWorks IEC Vers. 3

With easy-to-learn MotionWorks® IEC software and MPiec hardware, your engineers start programming quicker and stay connected more easily. The result? Faster machine commissioning and more rapid machine delivery to market.

A Familiar Programming Standard

MotionWorks IEC complies with IEC 61131-3 and includes motion function blocks that adhere to the PLCopen standard.

A Reusable Code Library

Import and re-use previously developed logic to speed up new projects. Re-use your own work or draw on logic created by others.

Easy Connectivity, Worldwide

An MPiec controller is your gateway to full control of a machine at any remote location with internet access anywhere worldwide.

Built-in YASKAWA Toolboxes

Yaskawa toolboxes make programming common functions so easy because standard code elements are already written and ready for use


All our MPiec controllers utilize the same Motion-Works IEC software platform, making programming and maintenance consistent for all machine sizes.

Web Server Updates

MPiec controllers allow loading of programs and updating of firmware from any web browser, with no other software required.

Additional features:

  • 10 different CAM function blocks available
  • Open standards like PackML for packaging
  • Supports implementation according FDA 21FR Part 11

CAM Editor

  • Supports 11 cam curve types
  • Can read and write IEC 61131-3 code to generate cam tables at run time
  • Supports multi step blended Cams and Cam in and out

Sequential Function Chart

Sequential Function Chart (SFC), one of the standardized languages available in IEC 61131-3, is supported in the Professional version of MotionWorks® IEC. SFC allows the programmer to graphically represent program elements, for easier organization of steps, actions and transitions. Active steps are indicated in red to simplify troubleshooting of complex operations.

CAM Editor
Number of Tasks:1
Number of Resources:1
IEC 61131-3 Languages:Ladder Diagram,
Function Block,
Structure Text

POU Grouping:No
Configurable Task Priority:No
Configurable I/O Task Assignment:No
Auto Save Setting:No
Debug PowerFlow:No
Password Protection:No
Project Comparison:No
Number of Tasks:16
Number of Resources:Multiple
IEC 61131-3 Languages:Ladder Diagram,
Function Block,
Structure Text,
Sequential Function Chart,
Instruction List
POU Grouping:Yes
Configurable Task Priority:Yes
Configurable I/O Task Assignment:Yes
Auto Save Setting:Yes
Debug PowerFlow:Yes
Password Protection:Yes
Project Comparison:Yes

MPiec Machine Controller Hardware

MPiec Machine Controllers offer a wide range of hardware for applications ranging from 1 to 62 axes. All controllers are equipped with the reliable MECHATROLINK motion network.


I/O and HMI hardware

If you‘ve wished that Input/Output could be FASTER and EASIER, VIPA SLIO is for you. The new YASKAWA decentralized I/O system is full of features that make connection simpler and I/O functions more efficient. From small CloudPanels up to large high performance Panel PCs YASKAWA offers a complete product portfolio of HMIs for the markets.

I/O System SLIO
I/O System SLIO